Teams Calling Early Adoption


Teams Calling is the replacement for the college's current phone system. Teams Calling will combine current phone numbers with Microsoft 365 accounts and allow faculty and staff to receive and make calls from any Teams-enabled device or app. This includes the Teams app for computers and mobile devices. There will also be an opportunity to request a physical phone for those who prefer to make calls in a more traditional way.

Teams Calling will be rolling out to early adopters in mid-late February. You can request to be part of the early adopters group by clicking on the Become a Teams Calling Early Adopter button.


We are accepting requests for early adopters from anyone interested however the order of when volunteers will can be moved will be based on the complexity of each situation. The request form asks some of the following questions:

  • Do you ever need to answer anyone else's phone number on your phone, including a central number?
  • Do you have someone else answer your phone number from another phone?
  • Do you share a phone with anyone else?


There is no cost for this service.

Service Promise:

Migrations will take place on Tuesday or Thursday mornings and you will be notified in advance of your phone's migration.

Become a Teams Calling Early Adopter


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