PaperCut Project Code Request


In some circumstances on campus, it might be important for faculty, staff, or students to have the ability to "charge" print jobs to specific project codes. Perhaps you share a printer with another department and you want to make sure that everyone's printing is being reflected correctly, or perhaps you have student employees who print for you but you don't want them to deduct their work print jobs from their academic print jobs. In these cases, you can request to have someone added or assigned to a project code in PaperCut. Once done, when that person goes to print from their computer, they'll get an additional question that will ask what account code (also known at Bowdoin as a "project code") to charge the print job to, if any. Once printed, costs are not deducted from someone's individual account but are rather charged and reported to the project.


This request is for either adding or removing a person/people from a project code in PaperCut only, or to add/change/remove a project code from PaperCut. Only faculty and staff may request charging or changing a project code in PaperCut.


There is no cost to request this service.

Service Promise

One received and evaluated, a response to this request will take place in 2-3 business days.

PaperCut Proj. Code Request

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