Information & Technology is made up of eight groups that work together to support faculty, staff and students at Bowdoin. These groups collaborate to provide reliable, accessible tools and services to the campus.



Bowdoin Information & Technology

Mon 5/1/17 11:23 AM
Faculty and students can use secure high speed internet connectivity at any participating institution by using a Bowdoin username and password.
Mon 1/30/17 11:53 AM
Collecting and storing data is the easy part. The challenge is making the data tell a story that engages people and inspires them.
Wed 9/7/16 3:42 PM
High performance computing (HPC) is being used to model complex systems, predict behavior in conditions with ranges of variables, and to simulate environments across space and time.
Tue 7/5/16 2:04 PM
The CAP cycle begins in January of each year when IT notifies each department head of the computers that are scheduled for auto-replacement. This year 135 faculty and staff will receive updated computers. Approximately 100 computers will be replaced in classrooms and labs across campus.
Mon 5/16/16 10:50 AM
Although attackers did not gain access to Bowdoin's network as part of the W-2 data theft in April, IT is tightening security around all of its internal systems.