General 2-Step Authentication Announcement for Office 365

Due to the recent move to Office 365 and the increase amount of targeted spam caused by external attackers, 2-Step authentication with Duo is now required for all Bowdoin email.

Please note: Not all email clients work with 2-step authentication. The knowledge base page below lists supported applications. If you can not access your mail from your email client, please access your email from You can submit a request for assistance via our online request system and we will respond as quickly as we can in the order with which the requests come in.

Supported Email Clients

Office 365 supports 2-Step authentication with Duo automatically. 

Other email applications may support 2-Step but it will depend on their configuration. For a complete list, see the related article Supported email clients with 2-step authentication linked to on the right under the Related Articles​​​​​​​ section.


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Wed 6/19/19 11:44 AM
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