Request Roku device for loan for Xfinity on Campus

NOTICE: There are currently no more Rokus available to borrow. All Rokus have been assigned for at least the semester.


Xfinity on Campus can be viewed using any laptop or mobile device through either the XfinityOnCampus website or by using the Xfinity Stream app. In order to watch Xfinity on a television, you will need to use an approved Roku streaming hardware device or a TV with the Roku service built-in. Xfinity is a new service to the Bowdoin campus. As such, we have purchased a select number of Roku devices that can be borrowed for the length of one semester or one academic year for those who own a television and do not purchase a Roku on their own.

To request to borrow a Roku player, fill out the request form (click Request Roku on the right) and, if a Roku is available, you will be contacted to come to the Loaning Center to sign out your Roku device.


Xfinity on Campus is only available to students and is accessible while on campus only.

Only one Roku player is needed per television so not everyone would need a Roku device in order to watch television.

If you prefer to purchase your own Roku, you may do so however please be aware that not all Roku devices are approved for use on Bowdoin's network. For a complete list of approved Roku devices, see the linked knowledge base article on the right titled "Supported Roku Devices".

Service Promise

There may not be enough Roku devices for every request however we will make every effort to fulfill requests as they come in. In some cases you may be placed on a waiting list until a Roku device becomes available. Remember, television can be viewed from any laptop or mobile device with the appropriate Xfinity Stream app.