Using an Amazon Workspace

How to use your Amazon Workspace while working remotely.

Amazon Workspaces function similar traditional desktop. Once you log in to your assigned Workspace you can use it as you would a regular computer, however there are a few things to keep in mind.

Use OneDrive in your Workspace

It is recommended to create and save your work to Microsoft OneDrive just the way you do on your own computer for ease of access from all of your devices.  If you do save files in your Workspace they will remain there until you move them to OneDrive or until your profile is deleted.  The OneDrive application is already installed. More information on using OneDrive can be found here

​​Printing from your Workspace

If you need to print from your Workspace you can save it as a PDF to your OneDrive and then print it from your host computer running the Workspace or from any other computer or mobile device you have access to that has an attached printer and can access OneDrive.

Using SPSS in your Workspace

SPSS will need to be licensed the first time it's launched. An authorization code can be found on this page


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