Restoring and Archiving your Class Team

There may be an occasion when an archived Team needs to be accessed, either to recover data or to restore for reuse.

Follow these steps to begin working with your archived Team. Please note that the following can be accomplished in both the Teams app and web client.

1. From with Teams (either in the desktop app or on the web), select the "Teams" icon from the left most ribbon.


2. In the "Teams" panel, look towards the bottom to find a gear icon, click the gear icon and select "Manage Teams"

3. Inside the new window there will be an option of viewing two types of Teams - "Active" and "Archive".

4. Scroll down through the list and expand the "Archive" header.

5. To access the archived Team without restoring it, click on the Team name, found under the "Name" header. Here you will be able to review and search data. Note that data in an archived Team cannot be modified.

6. To restore the team, look beyond the column info to the three horizontal dots to the far right, click the dots and select, Restore Team

Please Note: The permission applied to the Team most likely be empty. You will need to add people back to the team if you wish to re-use it.


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