Creating Short Video Clips from Existing Media in Ensemble


Ensemble allows you to easily create short clips taken from existing media files. These clips can be shared through links or embedded in course pages just as any other video in your Ensemble media library. 

Creating Video Clips in Ensemble 

Video: Creating Clips from Existing media

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with your Bowdoin username and password. 
  3. Locate the video from which you would like to create a clip and click Edit. 
  4. Click on the Trim tab in the top right corner of the page. 
  5. Below your video, there are options for Start time and End time. By default, the video starts at time 0 and plays to the end. 
  6. Allow your video to play near the time where you would like your clip to begin (you can skip ahead as needed). When your video comes to the time where you would like the clip to start, click the Start button.  
  7. Repeat this for the time where you would like to clip to end. When the video reaches the point where you want your clip to end, click End
  8. Give the clip a title if you would like, and then click Save Clip
  9. Navigate back to your media library, and your new clip should appear. 

Strategies for Creating Video Clips 

  • Consider using clips of long presentations or speeches to present ideas related to your course in quick and engaging ways while also introducing new voices and perspectives. 
  • Clips of news segments or documentaries can be effective in bringing in current events and other relevant issues into your course for discussion. 
  • Save time by reusing parts of lectures or talks you have already given in a different setting that may be relevant to your course.