How to make reservations and check in for indoor dining

Making indoor dining reservations

1. Open the CampusGroups app and tap Events.

2. Search for Indoor Dining Reservations and open the event.

3. At the prompt requiring you to register, tap Yes.

4. Scroll to the Registration section and find the two meal options you would like to reserve.

5. Pick “1” from the Quantity drop down menu in each meal option.

6. Scroll to the bottom of the Registration section and tap Register.

7. Review your order and tap Confirm my Registration.

Checking in for your meal at Thorne Hall

1. Open the CampusGroups app and tap Events.

2. Tap the Indoor Dining Reservations event.

3. Tap Yes.

4. A QR  code will display for your first meal reservation check in. Swipe left to see the QR code for the second meal reservation.

5. Show the QR code to the dining hall monitor or scan the QR code to check in.

Please remember to bring your Bowdoin OneCard in addition to a phone or tablet with the QR code. You may print the QR code if you prefer not to bring a device with you to your meal.

If you have questions or problems, please contact the Service Desk or call 207-725-3030.


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