Editing Captions in Ensemble Using Amara, Ensemble's Built-in Caption Editor


Ensemble Video has a built-in caption editing program called Amara that is used to edit caption text for videos uploaded to an Ensemble video library.  Use Ensemble's automatic captioning service or type in the captions directly.  Automatic captioning is helpful but not always accurate and may be returned with misspellings or incorrect text so it is important to go through and edit the captions so they are more accurate for viewers.

Amara Captioning Editor

  1. Login to bowdoin.ensemblevideo.com​.
  2. Locate your media library.
  3. Next to the video whose captions you want to edit, select Manage​.
  4. Select the Caption tab​.
  5. Select the Amara Caption Editor tab​.
  6. Launch Amara Caption Editor​.
  7. Begin editing. A brief tutorial screen will show the basics to get started.
  8. When your editing is complete, remember to click on the "Publish" button.

The Amara Window

  • The editing window is located in the middle under the video preview.
  • Keyboard tips are located in the top-left corner of the Amara editing window.
  • Click on the wrench icon to insert, delete, or add a new line.
  • Click on the gear icon under the video to change the playback speed of the video.
  • Click publish in the top-right corner.

Best Practices

  • Slow down the playback speed of the video. This makes it easier to keep up when writing or editing captions.
  • Try to capture exactly what the speaker is saying. 
  • Describe meaningful sounds that are relevant to the plot. ex: (water dripping)
  • Avoid more than two lines in a caption.



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