Expense Report Submission Enhancements Sept 2022

  • Employees with multiple positions will be able to select which position expenses relate to, when Creating an Expense Report.  The expense report will then default to the related cost center and route to the appropriate manager for approval.  Employees with one position will notice no changes.    



  • Employees with a Bowdoin credit card will notice a “Paid with Corporate Card” checkbox when adding expenses to the system.  This new feature will assist in designating which expenses/receipts should be reimbursed vs. linked to a credit card transaction.  The checkbox will default automatically for those with a Bowdoin credit card but can be unchecked for out-of-pocket expenses when needed.  


  • Employees will now be able to enter a starting and ending location when requesting a mileage reimbursement, which will automatically calculate the miles.  Miles can be updated within the Trip distance field as needed. 

*We have submitted a request/brainstorm to Workday for an option to indicate mileage is roundtrip.  


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Thu 9/8/22 9:28 AM
Thu 9/8/22 10:01 AM