Classroom and Computer Lab Operating System Configuration

As a general rule, all labs and classrooms run the same "image". This means that we are installing an exact, duplicate copy of software on every lab and classroom machine on campus.

For a more complete list of software installed, click one of the 2 below. Any custom-installed software will be listed on the respective pages of the rooms.

NOTE: Dual-boot machines (computers running both MacOS and Windows) run the same software as both above.


  • Nearly all classroom machines are now Mac Minis and all but 2 or 3 exceptions have solid state drives. Please note that the SSD drives ARE NOT Apple drives and are not covered by AppleCare.

Power Management

  • During the school year each classroom is set to power on at 7:30 AM and power off at 11:00 PM. When not in use they will go to sleep, thus saving energy.

Display Resolution

  • For all lab machines which do not need to project, the resolution for BOTH OSes needs to be set to their maximum. If the machine is required to project, check with AV to ensure the proper resolution for each OS in that particular space (the resolution is dependent on the projector in the space).


  • Ensure that drivers are fully installed and functional on all Windows machines.
  • Ensure that the video drivers are installed correctly (NOT the Windows native driver, as this will disallow screen mirroring.)
  • If the computer is connected to a scanner, ensure that the scanning software is installed on each OS if the machine is a dual-boot machine

Replacement Cycle

  • Nearly all Classrooms are on a three-year replacement cycle.
  • Nearly all Lab computers are on a four year replacement cycle.


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