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Windows Software Center is a utility built-in to the Windows operating system and can be used to install and remove software and install software updates to all Bowdoin-issued Windows computers. You can select from some of the most commonly requested applications and install them yourself, on your own time without the need to contact the Service Desk. For some departmental applications or those with unique licensing, you will have the ability to request approval to install the software. If approved, you can continue to install it like any other application in Software Center.

You will also be able to see the updates and patches that will be applied and apply them when you'd like, before they're scheduled to self-install.

Accessing Software Center and Installing an Application

Software Center is available on all Bowdoin-issued computers running the Windows operating system. This includes virtual machines and dual-boot Macs. It is available while on-campus or connected to campus via VPN. To access Software Center, click on the Start Menu and in the Search box, type "Software Center".   Software Center can also be located from the Start Menu in the Microsoft Endpoint Manager folder.

Click on the Software Center icon as shown above.

Once open, you will see a list of available applications. They may have different statuses. Some may say "Installed" and others may say "Available". You can select on any of the "Available" application listings to install the software.

In this example, we choose to click on Stata 14 with License. Once selected we see the screen below. A variety of information is shown including an estimate on the amount of disk space that will be used once installed and the average time it takes to install the application and it's components. Click on Install to begin installing the application.

Viewing and Installing Updates

Software Center is also used to install patches and updates to the Windows operating system and many other products, including Microsoft Office. Click on the Updates tab from the column on the left to view updates that are scheduled to be installed. 

You can see the updates that are available and either install them one at a time by selecting each one and clicking Install or simply click the Install All button on the right.

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