Register in Okta

How to register

  1. Go to to register your account (enter your Bowdoin email address and Password).
  2. Configure two-step authentication (Duo). 
  3. Complete two-step authentication (Duo). You will need your two-step device (phone or thumb drive)!
  4. Choose an account image and secret question for enhanced security, and create your account.
  5. A few important things to note...

Step 1

Go to
Login in with your Email Address and Password. When at your usual workstation or device, you can check the “Remember me” box.

Step 2

Click on Configure factor.

Step 3

Request a SMS push, phone call, or enter a passcode to complete verification (however you generally receive your 2-step verification). When at your usual workstation or device, check the “Do not challenge me on this device again” box.

Step 4

Choose a forgotten password challenge question, add your phone number for SMS and/or Voice Call password resets, and choose a security image. Click on Create My Account.

When you see the portal, you are finished! 

Step 5

Important things to note:

  • If you skip a security question (Step 4), you will be asked again in the future to complete this step. This is for enhanced security and verification purposes.
  • If you log in through a new browser, you’ll receive an email alert. It’s not spam; just another measure for your security.
  • From the new login page, you can now change your password anytime you like by clicking on, Need help signing in? Click here!


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