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How to register

  1. Go to to register your account (enter your Bowdoin email address and Password).
  2. Configure two-step authentication (Duo). 
  3. Complete two-step authentication (Duo). You will need your two-step device (phone or thumb drive)!
  4. Choose an account image and secret question for enhanced security, and create your account.
  5. A few important things to note...

Step 1

Go to
Login in with your Email Address and Password. When at your usual workstation or device, you can check the “Remember me” box.

Step 2

Click on Configure factor.

Step 3

Request a SMS push, phone call, or enter a passcode to complete verification (however you generally receive your 2-step verification). When at your usual workstation or device, check the “Do not challenge me on this device again” box.

Step 4

Choose a forgotten password challenge question, add your phone number for SMS and/or Voice Call password resets, and choose a security image. Click on Create My Account.

When you see the portal, you are finished! This is where, starting on July 30, you will see applications you use often, such as Workday.

Step 5

Important things to note:

  • If you skip a security question (Step 4), you will be asked again in the future to complete this step. This is for enhanced security and verification purposes.
  • If you log in through a new browser, you’ll receive an email alert. It’s not spam; just another measure for your security.
  • From the new login page, you can now change your password anytime you like by clicking on, Need help signing in? Click here!


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