Scanning to email


Scan to email is a new feature available on many of the multi-function Ricoh printers available around campus. This function allows for you to scan in a document or image and email it to yourself or to someone else on campus without needing to wait for the documents to arrive in a folder on the network. 


  • Scanned attachments will be sent from a single email address named FaxScanService
  • This is an unmonitored email account so anything sent to it will be deleted.
  • Email attachments (scanned documents) can be no more than 10 MB in size.
  • Email addresses may not be placed in the address book but you are able to search the Bowdoin directory to locate addresses to send to.
  • You can send a scanned document just as you would a regular email. You have a To: field, a CC: field and a BCC: field as options.


While scan to email is an option on most Ricoh multi-function printers with scan capabilities it may not be configured on all printers. To request the Scan to Email option be enabled, use the request form.

Scan to email is available to all faculty, staff and students and is configured on all public multi-function printers. The public printers with scan to email enabled are:

  • Basement of Hawthorne-Longfellow Library
  • Hatch Science Library
  • Gibson Music Library
  • Art Library
  • Moulton Union
  • Edwards Digital Media Lab
  • Roux Center for the Environment
  • Searles Science Center 2nd Floor
  • Visual Arts Center 3rd Floor


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