Generate Text Bypass Codes


It is important to generate and print (or write down) passcodes to have as backup in case you don’t have access to your primary device. If you don’t have a backup, you’ll be locked out of Bowdoin College systems. Get your backup codes BEFORE you need to use them and store them in a secure location, like your wallet.

How do I generate Duo backup codes?

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in and authenticate through the Okta single sign-on portal.
  3. Click on Enter a Passcode

  4. In the blue bar at the bottom, click on Text me new codes

  5. You will receive a text message with 5 codes. Write down these codes and place them someplace secure. Each code can only be used once and they do not expire. If you run out, simply generate more.

How do I use my backup codes? 

  1. When you are prompted to authenticate with Duo, click Enter a Passcode. If you normally receive push notifications to your device, you may need to select Cancel before this option is available.
  2. Enter a passcode from your list and click Log In. Once you've used a code, cross it out to separate it from your valid codes.


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