How to use Cisco AnyConnect VPN


In order to access Bowdoin resources while off campus there are three steps that you will need to complete.

  1. Install the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client
  2. When you use the VPN client, you will need to have access to your Duo 2-Step challenge device (usually your mobile phone).

MacOS / and Windows


MacOS / Windows

How to use Cisco AnyConnect for MacOS and Windows

After the application has been installed and you have restarted your computer, you can use the Cisco AnyConnect VPN software.

  • For MacOS: In Finder go to Applications - Cisco and open the "Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client"
  • For Windows: Open the "Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client" from the Start Menu or by searching for it

  • In the AnyConnect windows that opens, enter in the address line

  • To connect, click Connect
  • A webpage will open the standard Okta Bowdoin login window. Enter your email, password and accept the Duo challenge when asked.
  • Once logged in, the page will close and the AnyConnect client will connect to the VPN.


Install Cisco AnyConnect App

The Cisco AnyConnect app is available as a free app from the iOS App Store. Follow these steps to install the app and configure it for use.

  • Open the App Store on your iOS device and search for Cisco AnyConnect. Once located, download and install the application
  • Once downloaded, tap the icon to open the Cisco AnyConnect app

  • One the main screen, tap Connections

  • Tap on Add VPN Connection...

  • Fill out the fields. You can put anything for the description you would like. For the server address, enter as shown below. Tap Save when done.

  • iOS will prompt you if you'd like to add VPN Configurations. We recommend you tap Allow. This will add the VPN configuration you have configured to the iOS native VPN controls in the Settings app.

  • Enter your iOS passcode when requested.

How to use Cisco AnyConnect for iOS

To start VPN from within the AnyConnect App, follow these instructions.

  • Within the app, tap the slider next to AnyConnectVPN

  • The authentication window will open. Enter your Bowdoin username on the "Username:" field, your Bowdoin password on the "Password:" field and type in push on the "Second Password:" field.
  • Tap Connect
    • By entering push, the Duo Two-Step app will send a notification to your mobile phone for you to accept, which will then allow VPN to connect.

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