Printing to a PaperCut printer


Instructions on how to print to a PaperCut or network printer.



  • How do I print to a PaperCut printer?
  • Are all printers now PaperCut printers?
  • How do I print from my computer to a Bowdoin printer?


All campus printers are connected through the College's print management system called PaperCut. This system allows advanced printing, scanning, copying, and reporting functionality for all Bowdoin faculty, staff, and students while enhancing security by limiting printing to only members of the Bowdoin community.


You will continue to print using your operating system's native printing functions (File > Print) however, PaperCut introduces some additional steps in order to send a document to a printer and have it be printed. You will now be requested to

  • Enter your Bowdoin username and password when printing a document
  • (optional) "Charge" your print job to a department project (only for specific departments)
  • Release your print job to a printer

The following steps will walk you through the process of sending your print job to a printer.

You will continue to print to a PaperCut printer the same way you have always printed. When you install a printer using PaperCut Print Deploy, the printer is installed on your computer directly. The only difference is that you will be asked to authenticate using your Bowdoin username and password at least once per login session. This ensures that the print jobs you are sending are linked to your account. 

  • The first time you print a document you will see a popup window, similar to the window shown below.

    PaperCut PCClient authentication window
  • Enter your Bowdoin username and password in the fields provided.
  • (Optional) You can click on the drop-down in the "Remember" field and select how soon after this print task you would need to sign in again. If you plan on printing a lot, it might be a good idea to select an option greater than 5 minutes.
  • Click OK to print.
  • Once your document has been submitted to the server and your username and password are verified, you will receive a notification that your print jobs are now being held for release at a printer.

    Image of a dialog box letting customers know that their print jobs are being held in a queue awaiting release.
  • Your documents will be held until you release them to be printed.


If you need further assistance, please contact the Bowdoin College Service Desk



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