Releasing a held document printed to a PaperCut printer

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  • I have printed a document to a printer. How do I release the job?
  • How do I make the document I just printed actually print?
  • I printed a document from my computer now what?


As an added layer of security and to help with sustainable practices, documents sent to most campus printers are held in a print queue on the PaperCut server. These documents must then be released by one of several methods to a specific printer in order for the documents to be printed. Enabling print queuing helps to ensure that printed documents are only seen by the person who printed them and so that documents that aren't necessary aren't printed and forgotten at a printer.

There are different methods of authentication and print release depending on your role at the college. Faculty, staff, and students have a set of methods described below while guests of the college printing at the Hawthorne-Longfellow Library have a different method, described in a different knowledge base article.


There two primary ways to release print jobs to a printer for Bowdoin faculty, staff, and students. They can release from the PaperCut web portal from any web browser, desktop or mobile, while on the BOWDOIN wireless network or, in the case of multi-function devices (MFDs), they can log in and release their print jobs using the integrated release station software on the printer itself.

Release a print job at a printer

Release a print job from the PaperCut web page

Release a print job from a mobile device


Release a print job at a Printer

Most multi-function devices (MFDs) have the PaperCut software built-in allowing you to easily release your print job(s) while at the printer without the need to access a web browser or the need to remember to release the job before going to the printer. These steps will guide you through the process.

  • While at the printer, if the PaperCut software is not running on the touch screen, press the PaperCut icon and the software will start. (Note: If installed, the software is configured to run automatically).
  • Tap your OneCard ID on the card reader.
    • If you don't have your OneCard ID, you can also enter your Bowdoin ID or log in with your username and password.
  • On the menu of options, tap Print Release

    Image of the print release screen after login. It shows the Print Release, Device Functions, and Scan buttons

  • You will be shown the list of print jobs associated with your Bowdoin account. You will NOT be able to see anyone else's print jobs.

    Image of the print job screen showing all print jobs available for a customer to print.
  • Select the document you'd like to print and tap on it.
  • You will be shown the details of the document. If you'd like to proceed, tap Print.

    An image of the print job information shown before a customer actually prints their document.


Release a print job from the PaperCut web portal

To release one or many print jobs from the PaperCut web portal, follow the steps below. Note that the screen shots are from a desktop web browser and that the mobile site will look different while maintaining the same functionality.

  • Open a web browser and go to
  • Sign in with your Bowdoin username and password.

    Image showing the login window of the PaperCut web portal.
  • Once signed in you will be on the "Summary" page. This page shows the total number print jobs and pages you have printed since PaperCut was implemented.
  • Click on Jobs Pending Release from the bar on the left

    image of the side menu bar of the PaperCut web portal with Jobs Pending Release highlighted.
  • You will see a list of all of the print jobs that you have printed from your computer waiting to be released. You can see the time the document was sent, the printer or print queue  it was sent to, the type of document, the client information (IP address of the computer the job was printed from), number of pages, estimated job cost, and actions.

    Image of the window showing all jobs pending release to a printer.
  • To print a job, click the Print link on the line of the document you'd like to print.
  • If your document was sent to one of the special printers noted above, you will be brought to another screen asking you to choose which physical printer you would like to print to. Printers are named based on their location so if you'd like to print to the Moulton Union first floor hallway printer, you would select "Moulton-1stFloor-Hallway".

    Image of the available printers associated with the print queue that was selected previously.
  • Click on the printer you'd like to print to.
  • You will be redirected back to the main portal page and the document you selected will now say "Queuing" next to it. The page refreshes every 60 seconds. Once refreshed, the print job should be gone and will be printing at the printer.

Release a print job from a mobile device

Print jobs can be released from a mobile device such as an iPhone or Android phone.

  • Open a mobile browser and navigate to
  • Sign in using your Bowdoin username and password.

    Log in window for the PaperCut mobile release web site as shown from a mobile device.
  • Search for and then tap on the printer you would like to print to. Most printers will have their name on them for easy identification.

    Web interface for PaperCut mobile release, showing the HlMain_2 printer highlighted.
  • Select the print job(s) that you'd like to print. When ready, tap Release.

    PaperCut mobile release interface showing available print jobs. 1 Print job is selected.



If you need further assistance, please contact the Bowdoin College Service Desk

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