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PCClient is needed for most print jobs coming from macOS and Windows in order to assign a document to the person printing it. It is a lightweight application that runs in the background and will display a popup when a print job is submitted, asking for the owner's Bowdoin username, password, and sometimes, project code information.


PaperCut Client (PCClient) is a utility that must be installed in both macOS and Windows that will serve two functions.

First, it will tell PaperCut who has printed a document. PaperCut needs to be able to tell who has printed what document because the computer operating system doesn't always know.

Second, PCClient will allow some people to "charge" or assign their printing to specific department projects. It will also allow student employees an opportunity to print on behalf of their department without deducting from their own print allocation. PCClient will be used on all Bowdoin-owned and personal computers by current faculty, staff, and students and is required for printing to most printers. 

PaperCut Client uses a client's Bowdoin username and password for authentication.

If you need further assistance, please contact the Bowdoin College Service Desk



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