PaperCut Print Troubleshooting

Additional troubleshooting information specific to the PaperCut Client can be found under the "Related Articles" section on this page.

Computer Printing Issues

I don't see a printer installed on my computer or the name I was looking for isn't there.

With PaperCut printing, most people on campus will print to a single printer called "Find-Me-Print". By printing to this printer, printed documents can then be released to nearly every printer on campus. If you used to print to a printer such as "daisy", you will now print to "Find-Me-Print".

If you don't see the "Find-Me-Print" printer on your computer, open the application on your computer called "Print Deploy" and sign in using your Bowdoin username and password. From there, you can install the Find-Me-Print printer. For more information on how to use Print Deploy, see the linked article under the "Related Articles" section on this page.

I print to Find-Me-Print but I'm not asked for my username and password

There are two reasons you aren't asked for your username and password when printing.

  1. The application "PaperCut Client", also named PCClient, is not running when you try to print.
  2. You saved your information the last time you printed and were asked.

If the PaperCut Client is not running, you will not be asked for your username and password. Without providing that information, your documents will not be sent to the servers to be printed. Most of the time, PaperCut Client will start automatically when you log in to your computer and will stay running. If it isn't running, you can start it by opening the application. If you do not find the PCClient application on your computer, you can install it from either Self Service in macOS or Software Center for Windows. For more information on PaperCut Client, see the article referenced under the "Related Articles" section.

Alternatively, if you have seen a window asking for this information recently and selected a time frame to not ask you again, you won't be prompted for your username and password until that time.

I tapped my ID and logged in at a printer, but my print jobs aren't there.

If you sign in to, or tap your ID at a printer, and you don't have any documents, usually this means that the PaperCut Client didn't run to ask you for your username and password. Without being asked, PaperCut doesn't know who is printing the document and so it can't show you the document in the list. See the question above for more information on PaperCut Client.


Print Release Issues

I don't have my OneCard with me. How can I release my print job(s)?

If you don't have your OneCard, or your OneCard isn't signing you in, you can still release your documents for printing in additional ways.

  1. Sign in to and release your print job.
  2. Enter your Bowdoin ID number at the printer you want to print to, if equipped with the release station software.
  3. Sign in with your Bowdoin username and password at a printer that is equipped with the PaperCut Software.
  4. Release your print jobs with your mobile device, either by scanning a QR code at the printer you want to print to, if equipped, or by going to from a mobile device.

I've printed to "Find-Me-Print" but when I release the document from the website, more printers are listed.

The "Find-Me-Print" printer is what is known as a virtual queue. It is a universal print queue that securely holds documents for up to 48 hours, allowing you to choose the most convenient printer later on. You can print from your computer to "Find-Me-Print" while in your office, but physically print the document in a completely different building later on. When you release your document(s) using, after you choose your document, you will be asked to select the physical printer you want to print to.

When I try to release my document(s) that I printed to "Find-Me-Print", my printer isn't listed.

As communicated in June of 2022, as printers are replaced and updated, printer names will be changed to match their location. This will allow printers to be more easily identified. For example, the printer "Quartz" in Druckenmiller, will be renamed to "Druck-2ndFloorAtrium" when replaced. The physical location of this printer is in Druckenmiller Hall, Room 143. As printers are replaced by Ricoh and Campus Services, a knowledge base article will be created to populate both the old name, new name, and physical location for reference.

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