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Bowdoin uses a media hosting platform called Ensemble where instructors can store multimedia files. Ensemble is integrated with Blackboard, making it easier to upload and embed multimedia content stored in Ensemble directly to your Blackboard course site.
Ensemble can be used to create video clips and, as this guide will explain, to embed quizzes within videos.
A general FAQ of questions regarding the Digital Excellence Commitment
Teams phones adds another tool to the Teams collaborative toolbox.
The two methods for setting up or processing a change to the voicemail greeting used by department or shared lines using Teams Calls.
Step by step instructions for recording a personal greeting for your Teams Calls voice mail.
Flipgrid is a video conversation app that allows you to pose a questions and gather responses as short video clips
The IT Solution Center is a full-service technology center with a large walk-in desk, comfortable seating in a nicely appointed waiting area and provides quick access to most of your immediate technology needs
StatusHub allows you to subscribe to a single service, a group of service or all services listed and offered by IT. You can subscribe to receive email notifications when a service goes down and when it comes back up. For some services, you can also choose to receive SMS messages so you can be alerted by text message.
How to access your voicemail in the Teams app on the computer, the Teams app on a smart phone and the Teams physical phone.
How to add a Teams calling delegate.