Install and setup Skype for Business for Mac

Install Skype for Business

Skype for Business is available to faculty, staff and students through our Managed Software Center. For assistance using Managed Software Center, see the related article linked on the right.

Setup Skype for Business

Once Skype for Business is installed, go to your Applications folder and open the application.

When the application launches for the first time you will be presented with a window asking for your login information. Enter the information on the 3 lines in the following order:

  • Top line asks for your username. Enter your full Bowdoin email address
  • Middle line is your Bowdoin password. If you would like to not have to log in each time you open Skype for Business, check the box to store your password in your Keychain
  • Bottom line is an additional piece of authentication information. Enter "bowdoincollege\username" where "username" is your Bowdoin username.

Once done, click Sign In


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Fri 2/17/17 2:34 PM