Bowdoin Single Sign-On (Okta)

What is Single Sign-On?

Single Sign-On allows you to log in once with your username and password to access multiple websites and applications without being asked for your login information again for a period of time.

What is changing?

Information Technology is changing the campus-wide ‘Single Sign-On’ (SSO) experience. While the new login window will look different, you will still have instant access to all your applications with one username and one password, as you do today. 

Here is what you see when signing into many applications, such as Workday or Blackboard, that are using SSO today.


When the change to the new SSO, called OKTA, is complete, you will see a new login screen, as shown below.

Other ways to sign in


You will also be able to sign in to and manage and access all your SSO applications from a new Login Portal, which will look like this:


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Single Sign-On