OneDrive for Work and School


Need to save or share files or documents? OneDrive for Business is a secure and reliable solution for all of your storage and sharing needs!


You now have a place to store everything! OneDrive for Work and School is storage solution provided by Microsoft. It is available to all current faculty, staff and students. OneDrive is a safe, secure method for syncing, saving and sharing files and documents that can be accessed online and offline. You can access OneDrive from the Office 365 app launcher located at or by going to and selecting Work or School account after entering your Bowdoin email address.

Storage That Meets Your Needs

Through your OneDrive for Work and School subscription you have up to 1 TB of storage available to keep all of your files safe and organized. You can drag and drop your files into the web browser or sync them using the OneDrive Sync Client and watch the files become available on any device, from almost anywhere. OneDrive supports syncing of a nearly any file type and size, up to 15 GB!

Do More, Produce More

Not only can you simply save files in OneDrive, you can create any type of Office file work on them, save them and share them with anyone, on any device.

Your Data, Protected

All of your files are stored on Microsoft servers in the U.S.. The files are encrypted in transit (syncing, sharing, uploading, downloading) and while at rest. The files are also recoverable within 30 days of deletion.

Advantages with using OneDrive for Work and School

  • 1 TB of storage per person
  • Can sync files up to 15 GB in size
  • Integrated with all Microsoft Office Online applications
  • Able to share files and folders with people both on-campus and off-campus
  • Sync client available, and recommended, to keep all files synchronized between computers and online storage
  • Access your files and folders from anywhere



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