Sign in and start backing up with Druva inSync

The steps below work for both the MacOS and Windows versions of inSync.

  1. If Druva inSync is not on your computer, install the Druva inSync client using "Self Service" in MacOS or "Company Portal" in Windows.  See the Related Articles section.
  2. After Druva inSync is installed: Launch the Druva inSync app.   The "Activate Backup" windows appears.
  3. Select "inSync Cloud" from the Backup Cloud drop-down box.
  4. Enter your full Bowdoin email address in the "Email" field.   You will be directed to Bowdoin's Okta single sign-on where you can enter your Bowdoin credentials.
  5. After entering your credentials you may be asked to allow Druva to open the inSync Client Application.  Click Open Link and you will be directed back to the inSync Configure window. Note: On a Macintosh you may be asked to open System Preference to allow access.  See the Privileges related article on the right to grant yourself administrator access to unlock the "padlock" in System Preferences.
  6. Click Add as New Device.
  7. The backup will initialize and begin.
  8. The Druva inSync window can be closed and the backup will continue in the background both on campus or off-campus. 
  9. The initial backup may take several days depending on Internet speeds and data size.  The backup will resume on the next login after a reboot. 

If you need further assistance, please contact the Bowdoin College Service Desk

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