Problem related to the Managed Software Center

I installed the Managed Software Center, but I can't download the applications provided by it. There is a screen displaying, "There is no new software for your computer at this time." How do I fix this problem. I need to print a document! 

Asked by Younju Koh on Wed 8/29/18 12:30 PM
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Answer (1)

Jason PelletierWed 8/29/18 2:03 PM

When you have Managed Software Center installed, go to the "Categories" tab, choose "PolarPrint" and then search for the printer you'd like to install. Click the "Install" button next to the printer or printers you'd like to install. The software will start to download. Go to "Updates" and then click on "Update All" (or just "Update" if you selected just one printer). The printer and the PolarPrint software will install on your computer. We have a knowledge base article about it here:


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