Troubleshooting duo login for accounts on macbook



I checked in a couple of months ago after experiencing that after logging into my Bowdoin account on my computer so that I could use the Mail application, the account would vanish shortly after. At the time, it seemed like this was a larger issue with the dual verification system and you were checking with Apple about it or a potential software update. I have been updating my computer regularly, but the problem still persists. Have you made any progress or do you think this is a lost cause? I mainly would like to use my mail app since it allows me to switch between accounts, rather than having to log into gmail, and then also logging into outlook.





Asked by Jasper Gordon on Sun 4/7/19 12:24 PM
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Jason PelletierThu 4/11/19 11:41 AM

Jasper, 2-step authentication should be working in Apple's Mail app as of MacOS Mojave. We have seen improvements with 10.14.4. If you are continuing to experience issues, please be sure to stop by Student Technical Services and we can take a look.

You can use Outlook for your Bowdoin email as well as your Gmail, however, if you prefer. Microsoft has a nice instructional video that can walk you through the steps.

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