New Login Experience - launchpad only has one "app"

So, I've registered, and when I look at my launchpad, I only see the link to the TD article about the new experience. When I try to search for common applications (which I use, like MS Office 365, or WorkDay....), the search box just says I don't have that app. Any thoughts about this?



Asked by Karl Maria Fattig on Tue 7/23/19 9:20 AM
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Jason PelletierTue 7/23/19 9:26 AM


You're seeing exactly what you should be seeing for now. Applications will be populated on July 30 when we go live with the new login experience. For now, we invite everyone to register early so they're not surprised the first time they go log in to an application, like Workday, and get asked a series of security questions.

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