Welcome Class of 2023

This page is just your initial introduction to all things "IT" at Bowdoin. You will find information about your email account, configuring self-service password reset, obtaining free software for your computer, using Microsoft OneDrive storage for all of your documents and work, information on purchasing a laptop at academic pricing, and more!

Listed below are just some of the important services we will provide to you now and throughout your college career at Bowdoin. The information is arranged by color for easy identification.

    Green boxes list things you can do now from home.
    Blue boxes have a mix of items that you can do at home but won't be able to take full advantage of until you arrive on campus.
    Yellow boxes list things you may want to take advantage of once you arrive on campus.
    Red boxes highlight where to get additional information.

Information Technology is committed to providing all students the technology resources & support that they need for all academic and other pursuits while you're with us. At any time, if you have questions that are not answered below, reach out through the Questions forum, by email at servicedesk@bowdoin.edu or any of the other methods listed in the "More Information" box below.

Email and your Bowdoin Account

You can access your email from a web browser at https://office365.bowdoin.edu or from a mobile device at any time while connected to the Internet. Along with email, Bowdoin provides calendaring, contact lists and the ability to chat with fellow students and staff using Microsoft Teams.

Because the safety of your account is important, all students will be asked to enroll in Self-Service Password Reset. This way, if your account must have it's password reset due to excessive spam attempts or possible phishing scams, you can reset your password without needing to contact IT. For instructions and additional guidance, check out the knowledge base page.


In addition to Office 365 and the full version of Office 2019, Bowdoin works with several software vendors to offer titles to Bowdoin students at no cost. Some of these titles include EndNote, Chemdraw, Mathematica and Prisim. Other software titles may be purchased at educational pricing. For more information about other free software, visit our College-Provided Software page.


Connect your laptop, iPhone, iPad, other smartphone or tablet device to Bowdoin's wireless network. Access PolarPrint, surf the web, stream Cable TV and more. Choose the BOWDOIN SSID (network name) from the wireless configuration screen of your favorite device and enter your Bowdoin username and password (while on campus). Some devices, such as video game consoles, are not able to access BOWDOIN due to software limitations. Those devices can be registered by filling out a request and then, on while using the device on campus, join the BOWDOIN-LEGACY network. For even more information look at our wireless how-to pages

You should not bring your own wireless router. Consumer wireless routers will not function correctly on campus so we ask that you leave any wireless router or access point you have at home.

Office 365 with OneDrive

Office 365 with OneDrive is available to all students at Bowdoin. Use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote to access all your files stored on OneDrive any time from a web browser or from any Office app installed on a computer or mobile device. 

OneDrive provides you with 1 terabyte (TB) of cloud storage for free. You can share your documents and collaborate on projects in shared workspaces that you control. 

You do not have to purchase Office 2019 for your Mac or PC. When you arrive on campus, you will be licensed to be able to log into office365.bowdoin.edu and click “Install Office 365”, it’s free!  Until then, you have complete access to all of the Office 365 apps online.

Check out all the Office 365 apps at office365.bowdoin.edu

For more information, visit our Office 365 and OneDrive for Students page.


Cable streaming services provided by Xfinity on Campus are available to any student living in campus housing, and while on campus. Students can stream over 100 live television channels, record up to 20 hours of programming and access the service from almost any device. If you choose to bring a TV to campus, you can watch Xfinity on Campus from any approved Roku streaming device.


Telephone service is provided in each dorm room with one phone per room/suite. Every student is supplied a telephone number that they will keep for the duration of their time at Bowdoin. This number includes free local calls. 

Traditional telephones and telephone services (fax machine, answering machine, etc.) will not work from your dorm room so there's one less thing to pack!

Computer Purchases

Bowdoin College has collaborated with Apple, Inc.and Dell, Inc. to provide our students with discounted prices on computers, tablets and computer peripherals.

For more information, visit our academic purchasing page.

PolarPrint Printing

PolarPrint printing services are available in most labs and public spaces on campus. You can install specific printer software onto your computer or you can print from your mobile device and pickup at any PolarPrint release station. Students are allocated up to 750 duplex (2-sided) print pages per semester to meet their printing needs. Visit the OneCard printing information page for more information.

Most personal wireless printers won't work on the Bowdoin network. If you would like to bring your own printer, be sure to bring a USB cable to plug it in to your computer. If you forget one, they can be purchased at the Bowdoin Bookstore, online or at a nearby retailer.

More Information

We know there's a lot of information to process and you may be thinking of a lot of different questions. There are also a lot of services that we don't have room for here (free IT equipment loaning center, Student Technical Services, etc.) and a lot of information we just can't cover. Don't worry though, we're here to help!

How can you reach us to get your questions answered? You can contact us in any of the following ways: