Crowdstrike Falcon for Mobile

What is CrowdStrike

CrowdStrike Falcon┬« for Mobile identifies vulnerable devices and detects malicious and unwanted activity on business-critical mobile apps. Using its purpose-built, cloud-native architecture, the Falcon platform collects and analyzes more than 50B endpoint events per day from millions of sensors deployed across 176 countries.

How will this benefit me?

Crowdstrike is an added layer of security on iOS and iPadOS.  CrowdStrike will watch your network traffic for anything out of the ordinary or suspect.  CrowdStrike uses an app that doesn't intrude on your resources and will report back to a central console without interrupting your work flow.  Using these methods, and comparing our results with other results from customers around the world, allows CrowdStrike to detect and stop malicious code in it's tracks.

Will it slow my device down?

No, CowdStrike uses a single, app that just runs in the background. You will not see it and the impact on processing speed is negligible.

What kind of information does it see?

CrowdStrike does not gather any personal information.  CrowdStrike is watching what happens in the background and what may abnormally try to connect to the Internet.

How will I know if it finds something?

If CrowdStrike prevents or blocks an action there is no client alert, alerts will only show up in a central console that can be monitored by IT staff. If a problem does exist, someone from Information Technology may reach out to try and remediate a problem.

What devices have it installed?

Currently we are licensed for faculty iPads purchased as part of the iPad Faculty program in summer of 2020. 

What do I need to do?

Once the Crowdstrike app is pushed to your device you'll get a popup that looks like this. 

Please Tap Ok and the Crowdstrike App will function in the background. 


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