View backed up items in inSync Web

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inSync Web allows you to gain access to and download your files in case of accidental deletion or when you need access to a file on a backed up device that is not in your possession.


  1. Browse to inSync Web at
  2. Enter your full Bowdoin email address, LEAVE PASSWORD BLANK and click Login
  3. Authenticate though Bowdoin's Okta single sign-on.
  4. On the inSync Web menu bar, click Data Sources. Your data sources are displayed in the left pane.
  5. From the list of data sources (computers) on the left panel, select the device from which you want to view the backups for. Most people will only have 1 data source and it will be the name of your primary computer.
  6. You'll see "Snapshots" in the column just to the right of your data sources. From here, you can select from a point in time over the past 3 months.
  7. Select any of the days from list and you will then be able to browse through your backed up items.


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