July 2021: Windows 7 removal from the Bowdoin network

What is happening?

Starting in July, Information Technology will no longer support Windows 7 on the campus network.

Why is this happening?

Windows 7 support from Microsoft ended January 14th 2020, and as such they have not released any new patches for Windows 7 in over a year and a half. Windows 7 devices on the Bowdoin network poses a serious security threat. At this point, no more Windows 7 devices will be allowed to connect to the network and may be actively removed from the network.

What does it mean for me?

If you use a Windows 7 device that was purchased and managed by the College, the device will need to be updated to a supported platform (latest version of Windows 10) or removed from the network. Windows 7 devices may also stop functioning as expected with some IT services as they are changed to increase the security of our services.


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Mon 6/21/21 2:23 PM
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