Tips for using technology in the classroom

Get the Right Classroom

Describe the capacity, furnishings, and technology you will need when the Registrar solicits this information from your department each term. See details about the equipment available on campus:

Audio/Visual and Computer Equipment in Classrooms

Audio/Visual and Computer Equipment in Computer Labs

To request specific hardware, software, or audio/visual equipment for a classroom, see Request technology addition to a classroom. Legacy or specialized equipment (35mm slides, overhead transparencies, videoconferencing) can be provided.

Preview the Classroom

Classroom computers and A/V systems are upgraded regularly. Visit the classroom you are assigned as soon as possible if you have not recently taught there.

The following one-minute video reviews how to use standard audio/visual equipment in the classroom:


If necessary, you can request additional training. We recommend you schedule the training before classes start.

Report Problems

Report any technology issues you experience in the classroom.

Get Help

if you need help while you are in class, call 207-725-3030 and press '2'. We may be able to resolve the problem over the phone quickly with your assistance. If not, we will send an audio/visual specialist to the classroom. This service is available during the class day when term is in session.




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Request orientation on Bowdoin's classroom AV technology. Orientation includes any of the basic features available in most of Bowdoin's classrooms.