What is Druva inSync

Druva inSync is endpoint (laptop/desktop) backup software used at Bowdoin to ensure that disk corruption, hardware damage or malware won't be able to affect the ability for Bowdoin faculty and staff to perform their duties. Druva will also provide easier transitions from one computer to another in the event of a hardware failure or when CAP takes place for an individual.

Because Druva backs up the data in an encrypted fashion off campus, it also allows clients to access the files that are saved on their computers from the Internet either on a different computer or mobile device.

How does Druva work?

Druva uses a client to analyze a user's data and then it periodically uploads that content to Druva's secure cloud storage platform.  Druva inSync does not backup data stored in other cloud storage locations such as OneDrive.  inSync will backup the data every 4 hours and each client has a fixed amount of storage that can be used for backups. In the event of a computer failure or replacement, the inSync client will be re-installed and the backed up data will be downloaded to the new computer. Depending on when the last backup ran, the age of the saved content won't be more than 4 hours old from the last time the content was touched (assuming you work while connected to the Internet).


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