24 x 7 After-Hours Software and Emergency Support

The Service Desk offers 24 x 7 expert "How to" software support including Microsoft, Apple and Adobe applications and Smartphone support (iPhone, Android).

Questions about how to format a Word document or add sound to your Power Point Presentation? You can reach this service by calling the Service Desk at (207) 725-3030 (or X. 3030) and choosing menu option "5."

IT After Hours Emergency Contact

The same great service that offers 24x7 software support also assists IT staff with after-hour, campus-wide IT emergencies. Your call will be answered by a live operator who will gather information from you including your name, a telephone number at which you can be reached, and a descriptive summary of the issue (see questions below). That representative will then reach out to an appropriate IT staff member who will then make every attempt to return your call as soon as they're available.

For after-hours emergencies, dial (207) 725-3030 and Press 5

What constitutes an IT Emergency?

Information Technology issues that:

  • impact the entire Bowdoin community or large sub-groups of people within
  • involve Bowdoin IT services (as opposed to information resources at remote web sites or servers)
  • affect many or all of the computers in your work area
  • prevent access to resources on Bowdoin's file servers that are integral to faculty and student work or college business (e.g., your department's "J:" drive)
  • prevent access to resources on Bowdoin web sites that are integral to faculty and student work or college business

Examples of emergencies:

  • a major Bowdoin web site (e.g., www.bowdoin.edu) is not accessible
  • the Bowdoin network is not accessible
  • Bowdoin's phone system isn't working
  • the microwave server is not accessible
  • Canvas is not accessible
  • many users can't send or receive email with their Bowdoin email accounts
  • Financial Edge is not accessible
  • web based systems through which faculty, staff and students complete essential work or business are not accessible
  • many Bowdoin computers won't allow people to log-in

Unless your problem falls into the categories above, please contact the Service Desk. They will contact you during normal business hours (Monday through Friday 8:30a.m. to 5:00p.m.)

If your problem can not wait until normal business hours, please be prepared to answer the following questions when you call the emergency line:

  • What time did your IT problem occur?
  • Did your problem occur on campus or off-campus?
  • What Bowdoin user-id were you using when you encountered the problem?
  • What application/tool are you using?
  • If you are using a computer, is it your home computer or is it a Bowdoin computer?
  • Have you had the same results on more than 1 computer?
  • What step were you at when you encountered the problem?
  • What error message did you receive? (You should leave any error message on your screen so you can read it to the IT person taking your call.)


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