How to access a network drive from a personal computer

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How do I access a network folder from my personal computer?


  • Apple's MacOS
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Linux


Please note if you are attempting to connect to a network drive from off campus you will need to connect to the Bowdoin network by way of VPN before you will be able to connect to a network drive.


  • On your computer, click on Finder in the Dock.
  • Click Go - Connect to Server from the Finder menu (menu bar)
  • Enter smb:// and click Connect
  • When prompted, enter your Bowdoin username and your password and click OK
  • After a few moments an Finder window will open with all of the courses available listed.
  • Browse into the folder you would like to access.


  • On your computer, click on the Start Menu (lower-left corner with the Windows logo)
  • In the search field enter \\\dept and press Enter on the keyboard
  • When asked, enter your Bowdoin username in the format as follows
    • (it is important that you use your username but that it is followed with the
  • Enter your password and click OK
  • After a few moments an Explorer window will open.
  • Browse into the course folder you would like to access.


  • Open a terminal shell
  • Run the following commands with root privileges
  • Replace USERNAME with your actual Bowdoin account, ie "jsmith", and do not include ""
  • Please note there are no spaces between USERNAME, the comma, and "domain="
  • For example, to mount the Department drive:
    • mkdir -p /mnt/dept
    • mount -t cifs user=USERNAME,domain=BOWDOINCOLLEGE.EDU //
  • Enter your Bowdoin account password when prompted
  • You will find the Microwave volume mounted under the "/mnt" directory.


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