Unable to log in and stream Xfinity on Campus


Xfinity on Campus or XoC is a service which allows students the ability to stream live TV to laptops, desktops, mobile devices and Roku devices. If you are experiencing issues logging in to Xfinity on Campus, please try the steps below.


  1. Xfinity on Campus is only available to current Bowdoin Students
  2. Students must reside in College-owned housing. Students who choose to live off campus will not have access to Xfinity on Campus
  3. Students must be connected to the Bowdoin network.
    1. If using wireless, students must be connected to the BOWDOIN network name. BOWDOIN-GUEST and EDUROAM will not allow the student access to the Xfinity on Campus.
    2. If plugged in via ethernet, make sure that your wireless is off or you are connected to BOWDOIN, otherwise Xfinity on Campus may still believe you're not connected to the Bowdoin network.
  4. When you log in, be sure to use your Bowdoin username and password. When you update your password, please remember that you will need to log in again to the Xfinity on Campus app if using a mobile device or Roku.


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Mon 1/14/19 11:35 AM
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