Student Data Sharing: Box

Frequently Asked Questions

What has changed?

The way that we share data with student employees has changed. The College is now using a solution called Box.

Previously, IT would grant access to students to the "microwave", "department drive" or "J drive." Moving forward that access will not be given and instead they will have access to Box, where employees can easily upload and share data with students.

Why is it changing?

To ensure that the data we share with students has the appropriate security controls in place, we had to move away from the department drives to a more modern solution that has the required security built in.

What does it mean for me?

Moving forward, when sharing data with students you will need to upload data to Box. Box can be used either in a browser or right on your desktop, in the same way you are used to managing files. See the how to's above for a guide on using Box.

Box Knowledge Base Articles

For more information about using Box, please see the Box knowledge base articles.



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