Previewing, Opening and Editing Files in Box

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Previewing Files in Box

With preview, you can view your files on the Box website using a web browser without downloading them to your device. Preview currently supports most file types, so you can easily access your content from any browser supported by Box.

To preview an item, click the item's name.  It opens directly within the Box interface. When an individual follows a shared link to a file, the default for files is to preview within the the Box interface, rather than downloading or displaying within an Office 365 product.

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Opening and Editing Files with Box

The Box website allows you to Open and Edit Microsoft Office documents using either Office Online or by opening them with the desktop Office apps installed on your computer

To open a file:

  • Right-click a file or click the ellipsis (...) to open the More Options menu.
  • Click Open With... and choose to open with the Office Online app or the desktop Office app .

Note:  Choosing to open documents with the Microsoft Office desktop apps may require installing Box Tools/Edit. Box Tools can be downloaded and installed by the user.   Follow the onscreen instructions to download and run the installer or call the Service Desk at 725-3030 if you have any trouble.

You can also open and edit documents after previewing them. To open files with Box Edit from the preview screen:

  • Click the file to open it in preview
  • Click Open. If there is more than one application with which you can open the file, you will have the option to select the appropriate application.



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