Installing Box Drive in Windows

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Box Drive can be installed in Windows on Bowdoin managed devices using Company Portal


  • To access Software Center, click on the Start Menu and in the Search box, type "Company Portal" and click on Company Portal" to launch the application.
  • Once open, in Company Portal"search for Box
  • Double click on Box Drive in the results and click Install
  • When the install is complete, launch Box Drive from the Windows Search or the Start menu

  • When Box Drive opens you will need to log into Box Drive using your full Bowdoin Email address, password and Duo two-factor authentication.
  • In Windows, you can access Box Drive by opening Explorer and navigating to the folder named Box. Open this folder to display all of the contents of your All Files page on You can navigate through any folder and open every file you see just as if it were a local file.


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