How to Share a Folder in Box with Student Employees or Faculty/Staff Collaborators

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Sharing a link in Box

Simplified sharing enables Box Co-Owners to quickly and easily share access to folders in the Box Department folder with Student Employees or Facutly/Staff collaborators.  Using the Share window, you can send a collaborator an invitation to a folder in Box.  When sharing a Box folder, use the default sharing permissions to "Invite as Editor".

Users should keep their collaborators (the people to whom they give access to folders) up-to-date.

  • Only add people who need access to collaborate with student employees.
  • Only add them with the lowest level of permission that they need in order to collaborate on the work.
    • Students employees should be given the default Editor permissions which does not allow them to share folders that have been shared with them.
    • If a Faculty/Staff member needs to share folders within Box, they can request Co-Owner status to their Department's Box folder using the Box Folder Permissions request form.
  • Permission levels on Box follow a ‘waterfall’ design in which individuals only have access to the folder they are invited into and any subfolders beneath it.  For more information see: Understanding Folder Permissions.
    • Do not invite student employees to the top folder of the department's Box folder unless you want that student to have access to all folders and files within the department's Box folder.
  • Remove people as collaborators immediately when they no longer need that access (for example, when they leave their student employee position or leave the college)
  • It is best practice to share folders and not files.   It is easier to see who has folder access and to remove their access when required.
  • Sharing with people outside of Bowdoin College is not permitted.   People from outside of Bowdoin College will be able to share with Bowdoin College Box users.

To open the Share window:

  •     In the Box window, hover on the folder you want to share.
  •     Click Share.  You can also either click the right mouse button or the ellipsis (...) to access Share.


To share a link to a file or folder:

  •  In the Share window, if the Share Link slider button is gray, click it. Box displays the link to the file or folder.
  •  In the Invite People section, Add the email address or address of the Bowdoin user(s) you want to collaborate with.
  • Use the default sharing permissions: Invite as Editor.  
    • Editor permissions do not allow for sharing.  
  • In the Message field, type a message of up to 750 characters for the collaborator(s).
  • Click Send.
  • Once your collaborators log into their Box account, they will be able to accept or reject your invitation to collaborate on that folder. When collaborators are invited to a folder, the folder icon for you will change from manila yellow to blue.
  • To remove or cancel a shared link, click the Share Link slider button again.








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