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Bowdoin uses a media hosting platform called Ensemble where instructors can store multimedia files. Ensemble is integrated with Blackboard, making it easier to upload and embed multimedia content stored in Ensemble directly to your Blackboard course site.
Ensemble is a media hosting platform where users can store and share multimedia files (e.g. video and audio). Ensemble is integrated with Blackboard, making it easier to upload and insert multimedia content from Ensemble into your Blackboard course sites. To use the Ensemble integration the Ensemble Mashup tool needs to be enabled in your course.
Ensemble Video has a built-in caption editing program called Amara that is used to edit caption text for videos uploaded to an Ensemble video library.
Ensemble can be used to create video clips and, as this guide will explain, to embed quizzes within videos.
Ensemble allows you to easily create short clips taken from existing media files. These clips can be shared through links or embedded in course pages just as any other video in your Ensemble media library.
Adding captions to videos used in your class is helpful for all students. It helps those who learn better through reading, those needing to watch videos in noisy environments or in spaces where sound needs to be turned off. Editing captions takes time. Bowdoin has a ready-to-help group of trained staff and student caption editors available to edit captions used in classes.
Ensemble Anthem allows you to record what is happening on your desktop, along with the audio,  and upload to Ensemble Video.