Information Technology Hardware Locker

An IT Hardware Locker is a cabinet with 10 electronically controlled doors. The cabinet is used to offer quick laptop swaps in the event that a customer has a hardware failure but needs a laptop in order to continue to work while the laptop is being repaired.

Where are the lockers located?

One locker is located on basement level of Smith Union, near the mail room, to the left of the vending machines.

The second locker is located in the breezeway between Thorne and Coles Tower. It has been installed where the ATM machine used to be.

Coles Tower Technology Locker

How do I use the locker?

When you need to quickly swap your non-functioning laptop for a working loaner, contact the Service Desk. They will provide you with a code that will open one of the doors in the cabinet.

  • Once at the cabinet, tap on the small digital touch screen to wake the cabinet up.
  • Enter the code provided to you by the Service Desk.
  • One of the 10 doors will open.
  • Take out the laptop that you will be using (don't forget the power adapter) and place your laptop into the cabinet.
  • Close the door. The door will automatically lock. 
  • If you forgot something in the assigned slot, the code provided will continue to work for a short time so you may open it again as needed.



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