Creating Video Quizzes in Panopto Video

Bowdoin uses a media hosting platform called Panopto where instructors can store multimedia files. Panopto is integrated with Canvas, making it easy to upload and embed multimedia content stored in Panopto directly to your Canvas course site. Panopto can also be used to create video clips and, as this guide will explain, to embed quizzes within videos. 

Creating Video Quizzes 

Quizzes Tutorial

Step 1: Creating a Video Quiz 

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with your Bowdoin account
  3. Locate the video that you would like to use with you quiz and open it by clicking on it's title or thumbnail image.
  4. From the video options in the top right hand corner of the Panopto player choose the Edit (pencil) icon.
  5. Navigate to the point in the video that you would like to insert a quiz using the timeline at the bottom of the edit window. 
  6. From the left hand menu choose 'Quizzes' and then choose 'Add a Quiz'
  7. Give your Quiz a name, then add your first question. You can choose from 4 question types; True/False, Multiple Choice, Multiple Select and Fill in the Blanks
  8. You can add as many questions to a Quiz as you would like (using the Add Question button). 
  9. When you have added your questions use the Done button to move on to the Quiz settings.. 
  10. In the Quiz settings you can  choose to allow viewers to retake the quiz, show a grade after taking the quiz, allow for the review of correct answers and explanations, block advancing in the video until answering the questions and reordering of quiz questions.. 
  11. When you are ready select the Finish button. 
  12. Finally ensure you select the Apply button at the top of the edit screen to save you new quiz. 

Step 2: Adding the Video Quiz to Canvas 

  1. Go to your Canvas course and create a new Assignment
  2. From the Submission Type drop down menu choose the External Tool option, then find the Panopto Video tool in the displayed list. 
  3. In the pop-up window that appears, find the video that you added your Quiz to, select it and click on the Insert button. When back on the Configure External Tool list click on the Select button to be returned to your Canvas Assignment
  4. make any other choices for your Assignment and finally click the Save, or Save & Publish button to make your Panopto Quiz available to your students.. 
  5. The video quiz will then be embedded in the Canvas Assignment and be available for students. A column for the quiz will also appear in the grade center for the Canvas course. Student scores on the quiz will automatically populate in this column. 

Strategies for Using Video Quizzes 

  • A video quiz does not need to be weighted heavily in your gradebook to impact student learning. Research in cognitive and learning science demonstrates that adding interactivity to videos increases student engagement and improves learning outcomes.  
  • Consider using video quizzes as low- or no-stakes activities for students to practice applying ideas or solving problems to increase their confidence in their ability to complete more complex tasks later in the course. Research has shown that embedded quizzes that check learner understanding of the presented material and prompt students to recall and practice learned concepts can improve student performance on later cumulative exams and lower student anxiety about test-taking. 



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