Information and support articles about software for faculty, students and staff.

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Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud is installed in most labs and classrooms for students and is available for home use for faculty and staff.


Information on how to use and troubleshoot DocuSign

Microsoft Outlook

Bowdoin College uses Office 365 for their email services.

Microsoft Teams

How-to and troubleshooting documents about the Microsoft Teams collaboration and voice platform.


TeamDynamix is a company and an application. The software is used by IT and other departments for ticket tracking, knowledge bases (such as this) and providing a service catalog where our clients can make requests or request assistance.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is accessible through our portal at
Log in and explore Office 365 and all the apps available to you.

Microsoft 365 is a collection of online services that enable better collaboration, sharing and productivity. The services include Office Online (Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote) as well as other apps including OneDrive for Business with 1 Terabyte of personal, secure cloud storage!

In addition to Office Online and OneDrive for Work and School, your Bowdoin Microsoft 365 subscription allows you to download and install the full desktop versions of Microsoft Office 2019 on your personal computer for free.

Microsoft also has some great training videos you can watch to become familiar with using Microsoft 365 applications. Please visit the Office Training Center:

Digital and Computational Studies

Articles specific to setup, configuration and support of software used in our Digital and Computational Studies courses

Web Browsers

Information pertaining to web browsers for MacOS and Windows, including Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome

Articles (24)

Authorizing Mathematica on a computer

Information on how to authorize Mathematica after it has been installed on your computer

BoardEffect Materials Guidelines

Please use these guidelines as you create events and meeting books in BoardEffect so that information is consistent for all committees.


Chemdraw is available on campus and on Bowdoin faculty and student computers.

Downloading and accessing Wolfram Mathematica

Information on how to access Mathemtica online or download Mathematica on a Bowdoin-issued device or personal device.

Flipgrid for Video Conversations

Flipgrid is a video conversation app that allows you to pose a questions and gather responses as short video clips

How to install the EMS Client software

Instructions on how to install the EMS desktop client for Windows 10.

How to save SPSS Data to PDF

SPSS can save or export data in many formats and in various ways. These instructions will assist you in exporting or printing your data output to PDF.

How to view HEIC images on a Windows computer

ImageGlass is an image viewer that opens and displays HEIC files in Windows.   ImageGlass-HEIC Viewer is available in for self-service install on Bowdoin-issued computers using the Software Center app.

Installing MATLAB and MATLAB Online

Information about creating a Mathworks account and downloading MATLAB or accessing MATLAB Online.


"MATLAB® is the high-level language and interactive environment used by millions of engineers and scientists worldwide. It lets you explore and visualize ideas and collaborate across disciplines including signal and image processing, communications, control systems, and computational finance." -