Unable to setup smart lights or smart switches in a dorm room or office space


  • Unable to setup smart lights in a dorm room.
  • Unable to setup smart bulbs in an office or dorm room.


Most smart devices (bulbs, lights, switches, plugs, etc.) are designed to run over a network. On Bowdoin's campus, these devices can't be setup and/or are not working correctly.


Most smart devices are designed to work on simple home networks. They have technologies that require them to either talk directly with a control device (on the same network) or broadcast information too all devices on the network. In addition, most consumer electronics can't join a wireless network with enterprise-grade security such as WPA2-Enterprise.

Bowdoin's wireless network is secured with WPA2-Enterprise security and it is segmented in such a way that prevents your computer/control device (phone, tablet, computer) from contacting the smart device. 

Unfortunately, in most cases, smart devices will not work on the Bowdoin network at all.

If you need further assistance, please contact the Bowdoin College Service Desk


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