How to view web site addresses when you hover on a link in Safari

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  • How do I see the full or real link in Safari when I "hover" over a link?
  • How do I see the "hover" item in Safari?
  • Safari doesn't show me anything when I hover over a link.


The Security Training program talks about hovering over a link in an email to view a "real" address, however the web browser used during the training may not have the same features. The Safari web browser for MacOS does not show link or URL when you hover your mouse pointer over one when browsing the Internet.


You can enable a similar feature in Safari by following these steps.

  • When in Safari, click on the View menu
  • Choose "Show Status bar" from the menu. This is usually the fifth option in the menu.

Now, when you hover your mouse pointer over an address in Safari, the complete address, or hover text, will appear in the lower-left corner of the browser window.

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