How to report a Phish or Spam email


  • How do I report a Phish to IT?
  • How do I report a suspected phishing email to Information Technology (IT)?
  • I received what looks like a spam email, how do I report it?


Outlook Online, Outlook for MacOS, Outlook for Windows and Outlook for iOS/iPadOS all contain a Report Phish button.


You can report a phishing email or a suspected phishing email to Information Technology (IT) by selecting an email message and clicking on the Report Phish button or menu option.

The Report Phish button is a tool that should be used to report potential and real phishing messages to Information Technology. Using the button will validate whether or not the message is a phish and allow IT to remediate if necessary. It will also alert you if the message you are reporting is a simulated phish sent as a part of IT's regular testing.

The button shows up automatically in all of the Microsoft Office products (Outlook for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android) and on the web. The button will show up in the ribbon of a message and has a logo that looks like a fishing hook through an envelope, like the image below.

Report Phish Button in Outlook. It is an image of a phish hook going through an envelope and appears in the toolbar in Outlook.

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