March 2021: New In-bound Phone System for the IT Service Desk

On Wednesday, March 10 the phone system that has been in use for more than 10 years that operates the Service Desk phone line (x3030) will be replaced. 

IT teams have been hard at work to provide a new, stable, and robust in-bound phone system that will allow more flexibility for Service Desk agents and a better experience for our clients. 

Nothing will change from a client perspective:

  • The same phone number (207)725-3030 or x. 3030 will continue to work.
  • The same phone options will exist (Press '2' for Classroom Emergencies, Press '5' to speak with Vitalyst).

However, some features have improved:

  • Voicemails will no longer become lost or not delivered.
  • All agents will be able to transfer to other agents successfully.
  • Student Service Desk agents will be able to more easily answer calls from the comfort of their own rooms without the need for additional equipment.

Finally, there are some new features that the Service Desk staff will leverage to increase the quality of phone support provided:

  • An agent has the ability to do a live voice consult with a Service Desk Professional staff member while on the phone with the client.
  • Service Desk supervisors can perform call monitoring to help ensure a courteous, consistent experience for all of our clients, regardless of the agent who answers the call.

Once the service goes live, if there are any issues or you would like to provide feedback, you may email us at


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